Apparels & Lifestyle

Apparels & Lifestyle

We drastically reduce the transit time across the supply chain to ensure your products reach the shelves on time for the season, sale events or even heavy shopping days like Sunday.

The apparel industry is characterized by:

Rapidly changing fashion trends
We provide customized solutions for moving the unsold products to the required locations

Diverse Indian geography
As fashion trends propagate from Tier A to Tier B and C cities, we ensure that unsold products move accordingly

Cash flow challenges
When product margins are dropping and real estate prices shooting up, our 'Stock2Shelf' service ensures that the retailer keeps only as much stock as is required, thereby reducing the storage costs. This service enables frequent stock replenishments to ensure lower storage cost and higher customer satisfaction

Reverse logistics
The industry is marked by a high percentage of returns - be they of damaged or unsold products. These need to find their way back to a re-distribution or a disposition warehouse. Our reverse logistics services are convenient, single point solutions for your retailers. It includes assessing the products to be returned, assisting disposition decisions, repacking and finally returning the shipment.

Our 'Stock2Shelf' service is a first of its kind - it comprises of determining the need at a retail store, assessing the stock available at the feeder warehouse, delivering the stock as required within the given time lines. The service has been especially successful in retail outlets operating out of mega malls where customer foot-falls are high. The outlets benefit in not having to store high inventories in their back rooms, the distribution company does not have to manage and own warehouses near the point of consumption, and the customers always have their brands, styles, colors and size on their shelves. This win-win-win service entails precise last-mile delivery expertise that we have developed over the years serving various retail outlet formats. 'Stock2Shelf' provides a comprehensive supply chain service for malls and shopping outlets, which includes movement of retail and lifestyle goods, quality inspection, professional packaging, security clearance at mall, unpacking services and reverse pick-ups even on Sundays and holidays.