BBL History

An Introduction’ Over 2 decades of experience and many firsts

Black Bull Logistics pioneered express distribution service in India in 2014. Black Bull Logistics was one of the first companies to print its delivery date on the docket and offer money back guarantee, by accepting payment after producing proof of delivery’ a POD. Black Bull Logistics started the practice which is now perceived as a standard norm in the industry. Black Bull Logistics first started operations between Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai in the generic cargo segment. Black Bull Logistics business model was different , it choose to focus on the customer’s needs right from day one and time bound, point to point delivery, premium priced cargo management service was its key value proposition. Black Bull Logistics never operated the transport vehicles on it’s own from the beginning itself, instead developed the Business Partner concept of “Black Bull Logistics Associates”, thus giving rise to a team of entrepreneurs who were independent business partners of Black Bull Logistics. Black Bull Logistics reflects speed with direction, true to the way of its operations.

Black Bull Logistics

Black Bull Logistics is the leader in Express Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions that helps Indian businesses reduce their time to procure, streamline operations, and reduce distribution costs, through its customized delivery offerings.

Products & Solutions:

Express Distribution Solution

Having served the industry for over 7 years, Black Bull Logistics excels in developing cost effective distribution solutions that reduce distribution costs and increase efficiency. Black Bull Logistics multi-mode transportation service, unmatched reach, wide route network, well-built infrastructure and a strong technology ensures that every customer gets an integrated, seamless and cost effective solution right from planning, transportation, routing till delivery.

Services Offered Under Express Distribution

  • Premium Services
  • Express Services
  • Transport solutions

Premium Services (Air)

Black Bull Logistics understands the complexities of today’s growing, time-sensitive market demands. Black Bull Logistics Premium Service helps you address your time-bound delivery requirements with cost-effective delivery solutions.
Premium service is designed for shipments that require urgency in delivery with an advantage of being cost-effective. The service assures delivery within 24 hours, 48 hours and more than 48 hours (multimodal) to both metro and non-metro locations.

Express Services (Surface)

Black Bull Logistics Express service offers a complete range of express distribution services that gives you the flexibility to choose as per your business requirement.
Express is a cost-effective surface cargo movement service for shipments that have a time-defined delivery schedule.

Transport Service

As a part of the multimodal network of express distribution services, Black Bull Logistics provides cargo management services to companies who need cost-effective, point-to-point, bulk cargo transportation on the basis of Full Truck or Container Load and Half Truck Load. Black Bull Logistics has a tie-up with Indian Railways for transporting goods through parcel trains running various parcel train services every month in different lanes / segments. This is emerging as a strong alternative to road transportation as it provides safety to customers’ shipments along with being cost-effective and highly reliable.

Black Bull Logistics intrinsic network spans more than 90% of districts in India with operations across various train routes. Customer-oriented approach being our forte, Black Bull Logistics implements metacognition in its daily activities.