Career Toolkit

Career Toolkit

Few things to remember while making your resume

Your resume should be presented in bullet points with a clean, uncluttered layout and plenty of white space, to make it easy on the eye. It should normally be no more than two pages in length.

Your resume must be concise and achievement oriented, with the most important information, such as key skills and most recent/most senior level experience, in the beginning.

Highlight achievements for you can claim genuine personal ownership and, wherever possible, quantify them in financial terms,for eg: recruiting and motivating successful teams, opening up new marketplaces for your company etc.

Use a simple font and standard font size. Avoid using charts, pictures, tables or graphs in your resume.

Cracking Interviews

  • Sell yourself
  • Don’t blame others
  • Keep your praise & observations credible & realistic
  • Be positive
  • Maintain calmness
  • Do your homework well
  • Communication is the key skill
  • Answer questions directly, then elaborate with examples