HR Philosophy

HR Philosophy


We ensure that our Organization has the best of talent at all times and enhance the skills of Black Bull Logistics’ites for ensuring the achievement of the company’s goal. The Objective is to be a preferred employer by being sensitive and caring to the needs of the Black Bull Logistics’ites.

Black Bull Logistics recognizes the values of a diverse work force and provides equal opportunities to all individuals. The welfare of the staff is an essential principle for Black Bull Logistics. The Company aims to provide all its employees with a safe and healthy workplace and competitive terms of employment.

Black Bull Logistics is unbiased towards race, colour, caste, religion, gender, national origin or ancestry while considering individuals for employment or career advancement. These decisions are made on individual’s professional and personal credentials only.

We aim at ensuring transparency, fairness, open culture and mutual trust in all dealings with employees.

Every Black Bull Logistics’ite is encouraged to play a full fledged role in their personal career development through progressive human resource and training arrangements. Our HR philosophy is designed to help and motivate employees in exceeding organizational goals and to foster a sense of oneness among them. We appreciate employees who bring in fresh ideas to help our business grow and various recognition schemes have been introduced to identify the Black Bull Logistics’ites.